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SINCE 1981

Diables de Terrassa is a nonprofit group of catalan popular culture. We dedicate ourselves to the defense and promotion of catalan fire festivities. Our main and most characteristic performance is the correfoc or "fire-run". It's a street performance in which the public involves with fire and the "devils" or diables. Diables are the characters that perfom with fireworks fixed on pitchforks dancing to the sound of a drum group.  They carry diferent types of pyrotechnics, usually are Gerb type fireworks, and use them as they move along a street path. 
Participants play a tug-of-war with the Diables, trying to complicate step.
Diables de Terrassa has made shows not only in the autonomous community, but also at the state level and abroad.

For our 35th anniversary, thanks to the collaboration of 360 videos Barcelona, it was possible to make the first video of a correfoc 360 in the audiovisual history.

Do you have pictures where we appear?

We would be very happy to share your photos with us and we'll share in our social networks. ya que la compartiríamos en nuestras redes sociales, always respecting the authorship and naming the photographer.

Are you photographer?

We like to have pictures of ourselves wherever we go. If you like exciting photography, you should try it and come with us. 

We ourselves will send you an email advising and giving all the necessary information about the event. We just need your name and email.

 "ufa ufa, fou fou!"